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Innovative new venture for Dr Ross Moloney

New venture for Dr Ross Moloney


Dr Ross Moloney, Managing Director, FireDog Research

Former CEO of Skills for Logistics, Dr Ross Moloney is taking his unique skills set into an innovative new venture. As Managing Director of a new full-service research, marketing and communications agency, called FireDog Research, Dr Moloney will be working across public, private and charitable sectors.

FireDog has been established to help organisations in these sectors explore new markets, develop new products and acquire new customers. Alongside market research, creative branding and digital media, this new venture will also help clients with bid writing and funding acquisition.

Dr Moloney will be leveraging the experience gained from being actively engaged with skills policy over the last ten years. He has worked for the government as an economic policy adviser. Likewise, he has also taught economics and politics at the Universities of Nottingham and Birmingham – where he completed his doctorate.

Alongside Dr Moloney in FireDog’s Management Team are Gwenn Winters and Rhys Davies. Winters, also formerly at Skills for Logistics where she was responsible for delivering large-scale research, is Research Director, while Rhys Davies takes on the role of Communications Director. Davies has almost 20 years’ experience of developing and executing integrated marketing and communications solutions for brands including Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Sony Pictures, Cube Capital, Unipart, Britvic International and most recently Skills for Logistics.

Dr Moloney said: “FireDog fills a niche by helping organisations better understand their audience and markets and where future growth might come from. Likewise, we will help businesses understand challenges they might face moving forward – including in relation to skills. Having identified the challenges and opportunities, we will enable our clients to really attack the future”.

If you’re thinking about your future development, or need to better articulate your brand and communications offering then please get on touch for a no obligation conversation with the FireDog team.

FireDog visits the World Wildlife Fund at the Living Planet Centre

WWF_Living Planet Centre_01World Wildlife Fund_01

FireDog Research were invited into one of the most inspirational, state-of-the-art work space the team have probably ever visited today.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have created an amazing building in Woking that shows it is possible for people to live in harmony with nature. Smart eco-design, underground heat pumps, advanced technology and trees in the main work and breakout area makes this place an awesome place to work.

With environmental impact top of the agenda, when the team signed in at reception, we were invited to add our office postcode and mode of transport so the WWF team can assess the carbon footprint of our journey to the meeting.

Made us think that next time we should take the train and walk the last bit to the Living Planet Centre (we  also liked the pandas display…).


Dr Ross Molony

FireDog Research is delighted to appoint Dr Ross Moloney as our new Managing Director.

A founding partner of FireDog Research and instrumental in the merge and re-brand with Vegas Communications, Ross brings a wealth of  knowledge and experience to the team.

Primarily, Ross will work closely with the management team to apply innovative and creative thinking to focus the strategic direction of FireDog Research and expand the client offering of the business.

Ross has previously worked with the UK Commission for Employment and Skills and more recently as the CEO of the Sector Skills Council for Logistics. His doctoral thesis was a consideration of various ways to ensure economic growth in modern economies.

In collaboration with Gwenn Winters our Research Director, Ross has written extensively on the challenges facing the Logistics Sector in terms of the skills agenda and researching the solutions needed to grow. Ross has made regular interventions in policy reviews on both sides of the political divide, and is a frequent contributor in publications such as Logistics Manager, Commercial Motor, BBC outlets et al.

Ross is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT ).

On joining Firedog Research Ross said;

”This is a brilliant and exhilarating opportunity to support people as they look to grow their businesses.  I look forward to leading the team here at Firedog Research and taking the organisation onto its next step”.


As part of the ongoing strategy for growth, Vegas Communications has undertaken a full rebrand and restructure to develop a new differentiated corporate identity and product offering to adapt to new challenges and client demand as well as opening new markets and opportunities.

From January 2015,  Vegas Communications is excited to announce the completion of our strategic brand transformation to FireDog Research.

Whilst undertaking our existing core marketing and communications offering, FireDog Research will further expand our client offering to include a refreshed and enhanced research function and a new business consultancy capability.

The primary aim of FireDog Research is to provide decision makers with in-depth knowledge – a ‘suite of materials’  that will allow clients to make informed and balanced decisions, set targets, identify audiences, opportunities and positively influence business outcomes.

Our exciting new brand and business development will complement our existing creative and digital areas allowing our experienced team to continue to deliver the same level of outstanding customer service that we have built our client reputation upon.



Our team wanted the new brand and enhanced product offering to have a real differentiation. We wanted the new incarnation of the agency to really stand out from the crowd, cut through the market noise and be memorable for all the right reasons.

Traditionally, on first appearance, research agencies tend to be rather dry in their naming convention. We decided that we wanted research and knowledge to underpin everything that we do.

We also wanted a name that was complementary to our existing integrated communications delivery – our creative, digital and business services. Most importantly, our name has to be noticed and be remembered. We also wanted something that sounded rather cool and reflected the personality and mindset of the agency.

The spark for inspiration came at a photoshoot a few years ago from Owen Pacey, owner of Renaissance London and expert photographer Ray Main.

Based in an Old Street Victorian Pub, Renaissance has built a fine reputation as one of the foremost dealers, restorers and experts in antique fireplaces. Owen also stocked doors from a casino in Las Vegas, a gilt mirror from the George V Hotel in Paris and Art Décor doors from Harrods. Importantly, Owen also had a pair of magnificent fire dogs set in the hearth of a grand fireplace.

Explaining the role of a fire dog, Owen got us thinking…

What are the values that would get the agency noticed and fitted with the way we like to do business. Loyalty, passion, enthusiasm and a good friend to have by your side when you need them the most. We also added inquisitive, smart, playful and able to sniff out opportunities to our list of characteristics.

FireDog Research. A hopefully a name that stands out on a list and an agency that you’d be comfortable working alongside.

So… a big thank you to the inspiration of Owen Pacey, lensman Ray Main and our Creative Director Rick Chung.