DCPC – was it really meant to be this hard?

Dr Ross Moloney


I think of myself as an upbeat and optimistic sort of individual.
But DCPC is now one of those subjects that leaves me with my head in my hands.
Was it really supposed to be this hard?

I’ve written previously about my position on DCPC. I believe in training, I believe that skills can improve the efficiency and effectiveness on people and organisations. But those skills have to be relevant and fix a problem.

I’m not going to be a better researcher by doing five first aid courses in a week, and I don’t believe many professional drivers will benefit much either. The training has to be high quality and the learner has to be engaged. Is it really this hard?

So here are my bugbears – I wonder what else should be on the list?

  1. Auditors – I’ve heard so many bad things about the auditing. I tried to improve it when I was involved. How are things now?
  2. Pure attendance. Turning up and reading a book? I’m attending my Speed Awareness Class tomorrow. I’m expected to fully participate.
    Did we really mean to outlaw testing completely?
  3. Repeating the same courses over and over. Crazy.
  4. Line of sight over who is responsible. Is it JAUPT? Is it DVSA?
  5. Communication – as above I think, can a fundamental shift such as this one really best be communicated via an online forum? Is that really the best way to do things?
  6. Who has the ear of the DVSA? I believe in evidence based policy. Is there any worked-up evidence at the heart of this change?  I hope employers are heard. I hope training providers – who let’s face it should be experts in this – are listened to.
  7. Leadership – who is leading this? Who will listen to competing voices and say, ‘I hear you – let’s do it this way – on my head be it’.
  8. Statistics. Can we please get some definitive numbers on professional drivers.

I’ve moved away from the DCPC issue but I had hoped that things were better than when I got involved.

A fundamental shift announced on an online message board? If that’s really what happened then it sounds like somebody has a long way to go.

What do we think?

Dr Ross Moloney
Managing Director
FireDog Research


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